Use and advantages of Botnet detection software

Botnet detection softwareIn the modern age of computers and internet, one of the main issues which concern all of us is the safety and security of the data which we store in our computers. There are many kinds of attacks launched by the different malicious elements in the cyber world. One of the best known and most common forms of attacks over the internet nowadays is done by a botnet. Therefore, building a strong DDoS protection against the threat generated by botnets is absolutely essential. But let us first try to understand what a botnet is. Basically, botnet is a collection of computers connected to the internet and used for malicious or harmful purposes. When a certain computer or a collection of computers is compromised it forms a part of the botnet. Initially, these were developed so that the virtual user could help the original user to perform a few tasks related to the computers, but when a few worms began attacking and the computers became bots they were used for stealing passwords, as well as act as proxy servers and also log different kinds of keystrokes. Read more »

The need to remove botnet and the ways to prevent it

botnet removalLike all kinds of security issues and threats one of the best ways to remove botnet is through the use of different kinds of antivirus softwares which can ensure that the computer or the network of computers which you are using is free from botnet. Basically, a botnet is formed when many computers are used to form a network which is then used for purposes which are malicious in natures. It is important to note that prevention is better than cure even in the case of computers and security threats and attacks. The first and the foremost thing to do is to make sure that your computer has a good and an updated version of the latest antivirus product which can perform botnet removal. This will make sure that you do not lose sensitive information to these individual botmasters or criminal elements that are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in the network or personal computers. They are experts in attacking the computers through the denial of service mode and render the server useless. Read more »

The things you wanted to know about the Botnet detector

Botnet ChekerThere are different kinds of malicious software, as well as threats which can be harmful and compromise the privacy and the security of the computer networks. One of the most common kinds of the attack which are being used nowadays to launch different kinds of attacks on the computers is the use of botnets. Botnets are basically a collection of the different computers on the internet which can be used to spread malicious content or to steal passwords and confidential data over the net. The harmful and malicious network of computers can be detected by different kinds of softwares called the botnet detector. There are different kinds of networks on the internet and it has been estimated that 1 out of every 4 computers is a part of a botnet and many of the users do not even know that their computers have been compromised. The most important thing to remember is that you need to find out whether your computer is part of a botnet or a ghost network. Read more »

The role of the botnet checker in the world of computers

Botnet detectorOne of the most successful kinds of malicious networks which are being used to launch different kinds of attacks on the different computer is the botnets. These botnets are nothing but a collection of a large number of computers connected to the internet being controlled by a user or automated software and being used for malicious purposes like stealing passwords and launching other kinds of denial of service attacks over the internet. There can be many kinds of ways and softwares using which we can check and detect the botnets. The botnet checker can be used to determine which of the computers are compromised, and then to make sure that the computers on the networks are protected and free from any kind of attacks. Since these botnets have become the number one choice for the people who commit internet fraud and launch different kinds of attacks on the computers which have sensitive information stored in them, it is important to make sure that all the computers on the network are free from any kind of vulnerabilities. Read more »

The different kinds of attacks and Botnet removal

Remove botnetThere are many of us who might not have heard about the botnets. Basically, these are different computer all connected to a network which is then used to launch different kinds of attack. The name bots comes from the robots. The bots are controlled by a botmaster and the main aim of the user of different kinds of bots is to create different kinds of attacks on the computers which are vulnerable. This is basically done to steal passwords or important and sensitive information. These are done by different individuals who have ulterior motives. There can be huge ransom demands by these guys from the person whose network of computers these bots attack. This will result in a kind of attack which can then be used to blackmail the owners of large servers. It is very important to make sure that you have some kind of defence system in place in order to counter these attacks. The best thing to do in order you find your computer has been attacked by bots is to first of all disconnect it from the internet and then use some kind of botnet removal software. Read more »

Botnet Detection

botnet detection typesTypes of Botnet Detection

In general, the methods of botnet detection can be categorized into two parts. These are static analysis procedures and the behavioral analysis procedures. In static analysis, the characteristic of computer is checked against the known threats. Behavioral analysis involves the monitoring of network communications to check the behaviors which are usually exhibited by the botnets. Reliable judgments are available from static analysis, but it needs the signatures which are available, as well as current. On the other hand, behavioral analysis offers a broader process of detection. This is especially done by aggregating data from various sources. However, it often leads to false positives. The effective strategies of detecting botnet include the features of both the methods. Read more »